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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sith Inquisitor

I finally hit level 10 today on my inquisitor. I decided to class change to a sorcerer. It wasn't what I originally had in mind for playing but, I already have a Jedi guardian so there's no point in having two tanking classes right now.

The sith story line has been awesome. People are mean and call me "slave", every time I talk to an NPC I get angry with them lol. "Kill NPC" is not an option for me, yet :( I was playing around with light side responses because I just feel inclined to be nice. But I made the decision to go full dark side. Which, I must admit, is still a little hard to discern between good and bad.

I was listening to The Instance ToR Edition pod cast and they were mentioning how being dark/light or neutral had no real advantages. Apparently they said BioWare had made a comment on upcoming benefits for being a neutral Jedi. Sounds cool I guess. My only complaint is not knowing if your response will have a good or bad outcome.

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