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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wow! Not the MMO!

I seriously can not believe how many people hate this game. All over different forums, different YouTube videos, different everything, there always seems to be an outrageous amount of people who HATE StarWars: ToR. I just don't understand how you can judge a game this early.

MMO fans, especially SWTOR fans, have had this idea of judging a book by it's cover. This cover being the StarWars universe and the name Bioware. Then they precede to read one chapter and realize there are no pictures in this book! While completely forgetting that this is a business model to an MMO.

Take WoW for example. If it had stayed in development for eight years and was released last week then every one would be entitled to compare these two MMOs but it wasn't. I was there in beta WoW, I was there when the servers went live, I was there when they hit one million subscribers, and six mil, and 12 mil. Do you have any idea why this game grew like this? Content! Regular releases and huge gameplay changes kept things interesting. But this takes time. Heck, it's still happening after all these years.

Time is exactly what SWTOR fans need to give this game. I guarantee in a few years time TOR will be a game to be reckoned with. And if it's not? At least I gave it a chance to grow. I saw no potential in WoW or other MMOs and they have surprised me. I believe the same will happen here.

To sum up everything, I am basically trying to tell the "new guy" that this game does have it's flaws, just like any other MMO, in it's first month of release. I have used the engine that StarWars:ToR was built on and the possibilities are endless.

Don't fret, give the game a try. At the very least come back in a few months and see all the changes.

Signed: an Old Republic fan!

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